BS Standard Explaned - First Aid Kit Contents

New BS 8599-1 Standard 2019

In 2019 a new British Standard has been introduced updating the existing BS for all first aid kits.

Our range of first aid kits have been reviewed and re-equipped to comply with The British Standard BS 8599-1 guidelines 2019. To reflect the changing workplace environment and risks, our home & workplace first aid kits and catering first aid kits have been updated to meet the legal obligations under the Health and Safety First Aid Regulations.

Corridans now provide the new BS 8599-1:2019 travel first aid kits, critical injury packs and personal issue first aid kits which were introduced in 2019 and are suitable for a range of workplaces in the UK.

What has changed?


Workplace First Aid Kits

Safety pins have been taken out in favor of tape.

Some of the bandage numbers changed.



Recommended Size of Your First Aid Kit




Lower Risk     e.g. Offices, shops etc.

Less than 25 employees

25 –100 employees

More than 100 employees

Higher Risk    e.g.  Warehousing, construction, engineering, manufacturing, etc

Less than 5 employees

5 – 25 employees

More than 25 employees


Vehicle Kits

Travel and Motoring kits were causing some confusion over which should be used.  This has now been simplified by the introduction of one standard BS for vehicle kits (motoring and travel kits).

Two new kits have been introduced:

Personal Issue First Aid Kit -
A Personal Issue First Aid Kit has been introduced for lone workers. The kit is for those employed in work activities away from the workplace such as ground, security, maintenance and cleaning personnel.

Critical Injury Pack -
The European Resuscitation Council now recommends the supplying of tourniquets and haemostatic dressings in situations identified as high risk in risk assessments



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